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BBQ -- the omnivore’s delight!

We’re willing to bet that all of us – dedicated meat eaters (hi there, Paleo peeps!), omnivores and vegetarians alike – have at least one thing in common. We all know, in this deep, intuitive way, that fabulous things happen to food when it’s grilled that can’t be achieved with a kitchen oven.

There’s just something undeniably satisfying about barbecuing. Nothing beats the sense of anticipation of a backyard BBQ, which makes simple yet satisfying hamburgers or hotdogs something to look forward to.

But don’t stop there! Coyote’s hybrid gas and charcoal BBQs, kamado style ceramic grills and wood pellet grills let you roast, smoke and even bake all kinds of dishes. Since they offer true convection cooking, you don’t need a rotisserie to get a perfectly evenly done roast!

Air-flow is circulated for even heat distribution, reaching true cooking temperatures up to 700°F. That and the wide range of flavoured pellets that fuel Coyote pellet smokers makes for an amazing variety of flavours and cooking techniques.

And the 3 temperature probes that come with Coyote’s Pellet grill makes it super easy to track the internal temp of whatever veggies, meat and fish you’ve got on your grill . . . and getting steaks done just so – even when one person wants theirs blue rare and another wants theirs done medium – is no problem.

With all this potential, no home cook’s ambitions should be held up by a lack of cooking space. Coyote’s 3-in-1 versa rack maximizes cooking surfaces and flexibility. Take out the racks to make way for a large roast, use all three levels to feed a big crowd, or keep hot dogs or veggies warm on the top rack while the rest of your meal cooks.

If pellet grills are new to you, this video will give you the low down.

There’s almost nothing you can’t cook up on a Coyote pellet grill, hybrid BBQ, or kamado style grill. Whether your BBQ jam is all about low and slow ribs or you’re looking for new ways to make deliciously healthy Mediterranean dishes, Coyote grills offer countless ways to up your BBQ game.

Let’s dig into some of the possibilities with a few hypothetical menus!

Main courses

A Coyote pellet smoker is a no brainer for anyone who craves smoked meats or fish. Smoked meat and fish (salmon is a favourite, for sure, but mackerel and sturgeon are amazing smoked, too) are redolent with deliciously complex flavours.

Great smoky flavour can also be had with a Coyote Asado smoker. To make lusciously juicy and flavourful chicken :

1 - Put the handy Coyote Chicken on the Throne
2 - fill it with the basting liquid of your choice, (such as wine, beer, or broth)
3 - Slow roast it. (Check out this demonstration for a complete description.)

Designed for the BBQ enthusiast, this type of smoker is better known as a kamado or ceramic grill/smoker/oven. These charcoal fueled devices are modern versions of the Japanese kamado, an earthenware cooking urn whose original design is probably at least 3,000 years old.

Whichever smoking method you use, keep in mind that there’s no reason to stop at chicken! Smoked turkey, goose, and (heaven help us!) duck are amazing.

You could spend a lifetime exploring combinations of brining, basting liquids, herbs and (if you have a smoker) different flavours of smoke pellets with different types of poultry.

On a completely different note, if a surf and turf menu is appealing but time is short, a Coyote power burner will make steamed mussels or clams another main course option to complement steak or other grilled meats. Luxurious yet simple, this dish requires:

1 - A bit of liquid
2 - Maybe some herbs and garlic to cook the shell fish in

It cooks up so quickly it could practically be considered fast food.
And if pizza is on your list of favourite things a Coyote wood pellet grill or a Coyote Asado smoker belongs on that list, too. These grills seal tight and get up to temperatures that make them real outdoor ovens — in other words, they’re basically pizza magic just waiting to happen.

Sides and veggies

With its laser-cut grates and perfect combination of surface area, airflow, and heat penetration, Coyote’s hybrid grill cooks up dishes that please vegetarians and omnivores alike.

We’re thinking skewers of marinated veggies, meat, fish, or tofu (which goes through a complete personality change when marinated and grilled), or sweet potatoes (just peel and slice them up and toss them in a tin foil packet with rosemary, olive oil, and if you like a hint of spice, a little paprika).

Grilling corn cobs over charcoal produces great smoky flavour and charring veggies over the open flame of a coal grill is enjoyably engrossing. Yet there are times (like, after a long day of work) when the control of a burner is. In that case, Coyote’s power burner or is just the thing to boil up a big pot of corn on the cob.


A BBQ can produce great pizza, so why not pie? Ricardo suggests this nice berry tart. Or check out this strawberry rhubarb pie.

But great desserts aren’t limited to pies and pastries. If you’ve never tasted perfectly caramelized barbequed pineapple served with a good dark chocolate, you might think this combo is odd. Just try it once, though (or for, that matter, grilled peaches and ice cream!) and you’ll see your BBQ with different eyes. Grilling fruit brings out their sweetness, making for an easy yet really wonderful end to a meal.

Food for thought

Finally, if you need a snack while thinking over your next cookout menu, try throwing :

- almonds
- cashews
- pecans

Or whatever combo suits your fancy into a flame proof skillet (a cast iron pan will do) :

1- mix in just enough oil to coat them along
2 - add your choice of spicy or sweet (or both?!) seasonings
3 - set your pan on the grill.

Don’t let them burn . . . they’re so good, you won’t want to waste any.

How long would it take to list everything that can be cooked up on a Coyote BBQ? It doesn’t look like we’ll ever get to the bottom of all the possibilities, as chefs and home cooks keep coming up with new recipes and ideas, continually expanding our collective repertoire of BBQ favourites.

Suffice it to say, A Coyote hybrid, pellet grill, or kamado style charcoal BBQ tantalizes every type of appetite with anything from a quickly put together after-work dinner right up to a full on three-course feast. And you won’t have to turn on the kitchen oven even once.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this Maple-Walnut Salmon recipe from Chef Collins’ electric smoking cookbook.

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