It’s as if a UFO landed on your patio…
Tick Tick Tick…Poof! It’s a Gas Range

Foodies are falling in love…

Pellet grills have won us over.

Pellet grills, or smokers, are enticingly easy to use. Just press a button, load the pellets and set the right temperature, and it’s on its way!

Other exciting benefits

The top-notch versatility and style of Coyote’s pellet grills tick off a lot of boxes, making them an exciting option for barbeque lovers. From slow cooking the most mouth-wateringly tender brisket you’ve ever had, to getting the perfect high-heat sear on a T bone steak, this type of grill really is a high performance, high-end oven for your outdoor patio. With your pellet grill, you can also smoke your own charcuterie with your choice of flavoured wood pellets. Add to that the fact that, being fuelled by wood pellets instead of propane, natural gas or charcoal, they’re an environmentally friendly choice, and you’ve got an indisputable winner.

Design is in the Details

The pleasure of grilling with a Coyote pellet grill is all down to innovative details and design features that make these units super efficient and easy to use. Once you experience the smooth operations and versatility of a Coyote pellet grill, you’re not going to want to go back to your regular BBQ grill. It’s a good thing these units are built to last!

  • Since Coyote grills are made entirely of super rust proof 304 stainless steel, inside and out, their high-end good looks don’t fade.
  • Their three-tier Versa-Rack™ system triples your cooking surface, so you can throw on an extra set of ribs or some vegetables without crowding anything.
  • A dual auger front feed provides outstanding cooking control and performance.
  • For greater control and efficiency, double stainless-steel walls and a gasket that lines the bottom of the hood prevent any heat from escaping.
  • Coyote’s built-in wind guard keeps outdoor air from entering the unit.
  • The grill hood lifts with just the touch of a finger thanks to its smart, spring-assisted design.
  • Two interior halogen lights makes cooking at night a pleasure.
  • The signature laser-cut grates are designed to provide the best grilling surface for all kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables.
  • Go ahead and chat, relax, and enjoy your drink: Coyote’s built-in timer will alert you when it’s time to turn your burgers or get your serving platter ready.
  • A state of the art, intuitive digital touch screen makes it easy to keep everything under control.
  • With Coyote’s 3 temperature food probes, grilling different types of meat, fish, and veggies without over- or under-cooking anything is no problem.
  • Pellet grills can go from temperatures ranging from 175°F to 700°F — to the great joy of pizza lovers!
  • Needing just 1 lb of pellets per hour of cooking time on average, these pellet grills are fuel efficient, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice. And they’re particularly easy to use. Coyote’s front-load, smart drop™ pellet feed system takes in 12-15 lbs of wood pellets in your choice of flavour, so there’s no fussing with re-fuelling when you’re in the middle of grilling.

But what is a pellet?

Pellet manufacturing is very simple. First, the bark is taken off the wood to remove any bugs. Then, the wood is ground down into fine particles to help dry it out. By simply compressing the particles through a plate perforated with the desired diameter (generally 6 mm), the resulting heat liquefies the wood’s lignin which, once cooled, solidifies the pellet.

No additives are used. The product is bound together naturally, which prevents soot from forming when the pellets are burned.

Go green!

The carbon dioxide produced by burning pellets is identical to the gas produced by the same wood, if left to decompose in the forest. The carbon footprint isn’t zero, since transportation has to be taken into account, but it’s still quite small.

Playing with fire, but nobody gets burnt!

Pellet grills are fantastic for anyone who loves to barbecue but is a little afraid of using the actual grill. The pellet grill’s hopper is protected. The shields prevent grease fires, unlike in traditional grills, where food is positioned right above the flames.

It’s worth the price

Depending on how often you use the grill, pellets are no more expensive (and even a little less expensive) than high-quality charcoal used in the best conditions. And the icing on the cake: pellets make your family dinners or outdoor barbecues healthier and even more delicious.

Better for your health: what can top that?

This grill uses natural wood pellets, so your meat will have a delicious smoky flavour, and you won’t need to drown it in sauces with their high sugar content.

Finally, no matter which grill you choose, anything you make will be enhanced by an authentic wood-fired flavor thanks to your pellet smoker. Not to mention that it’s roomy enough to cook up a whole 20-lb turkey! Coyote Pellet Grills are available as a built-in or fully assembled on a cart.

Coyote Pellet Grill heads are on a special this spring. Check it out here.

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