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Discover the Kamado grill.

It will make your food more tender, with more intense flavours and colours... Its smoky aroma will lead the hungry to your table... including your neighbours. Without any question, the Kamado barbecue is the flavour of the hour. It’s impossible to resist these Louisiana Grills, with their charming, egg-shaped vessel look, as they spread their bamboo wings and give any backyard a contemporary feel.

Where does the name Kamado come from?

Kamado grills—named after the type of apparatus, and not a particular brand—are one of the oldest types of outdoor cookers in the world. Although they come from China, it seems that similar grills have also been found in India and Japan.

Their egg-like shape is quite distinctive. Made entirely of ceramic—including their lid—this barbecue on legs can be used for all kinds of cooking.
The ceramic ensures perfect heat diffusion and facilitates temperature control. You can smoke food at 80°C – 100°C for 12 hours, cook a roast at 250°C for 30 minutes or barbecue sausages or steaks at 300°C.

An all-purpose barbecue

Kamado barbecues, like the models offered by Louisiana Grills, are very versatile. Not only can they be used for barbecuing or smoking meats and fish, but also for easily baking pizza, bread, pies and cookies.

Their versatility stems from their ability to retain heat and reach high temperatures, with precise air flow control and their upper and lower vents.

High temperatures are ideal for quickly cooking burgers and sausages of all kinds, while larger pieces of meat can be properly cooked at low temperatures for a longer time. You choose according to what you decide to prepare.

Kamado barbecues are some of the most popular on the market today. They’re very durable (lasting over 20 years) and are very easy to use. Starting the fire is quick and requires only a little paper and charcoal (the grill does the rest).
To add more flavour to your meats, you can add wood chips to your charcoal, or combine different woods. In the barbecue world, different types of wood act like spices, but in a subtler way. Wetting the wood before heating it is recommended, so that it burns slowly and produces more smoke.

What kind of wood to heat?

  • The strong odours of mesquite are perfect for beef, pork and lamb.
  • Hickory greatly enhances the flavour of pork.
  • Oak is balanced. It can therefore be used for fish and poultry, as well as for meat.
  • Fruit trees, like cherry or apple, are wonderful for salmon, poultry and certain cuts of pork.

Popular accessories

Proven brands like Louisiana Grills offer a variety of accessories and additions for your barbecue, helping you up your grilling game. From aprons to protect your inner chef to extensions for your barbecue and ceramic plates for baking pizza, you will be amazed at what you can find.

For example, the Louisiana Grills electric igniter will heat your barbecue in seconds, without using liquids or fluids, ensuring safe firing every time.

Here’s wishing that the days to come are as perfect as your grilling, and stay tuned for our upcoming installation on wood pellet grills…

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