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It's BBQ-time! what makes a great gas grill

Ready in a flash. The power of a gas grill.

When the weather warms up, grilling is on our minds. We can’t wait to fire up the BBQ to start enjoying the patio and unique taste of summer cooking. If you already have a natural gas line installed at your home, a gas barbecue is a great choice for convenience. However, propane is an easy solution if you aren’t connected to gas. All you need to do is swap the LG bottles at a nearby outlet (gas stations normally have this service) when you have run out. To select the best gas grill for your needs, you need to consider your lifestyle and weigh these up with the grill’s features, size and power. If you do your research, you will find the perfect good-quality grill that will not let you down for delicious, social, outdoor meals during the hotter months. Here, we will look at some of the features and benefits of grilling with gas, and introduce the Coyote C-Series Grill C2C36 LP/NG.
Gas grills are super easy to use and the food will be ready in a flash. If you are looking for power, then you want gas. Some prefer the rustic flavour of charcoal, which requires a totally different style of grill. Although, gas is fantastic for people with busy schedules. It’s the best choice if you want to come home from work and be able to fire up a meal quickly in the evening, or, if you are likely to entertain will short notice. That is because there is no need to heat up the grill for long or put in any work to get the flame going, just turn on the ignitions and you are ready to cook. Today's outdoor gas cookers pack quite a lot of heat. The power is measured in BTUs (British thermal unit) which is the output amount of thermal heat. The hotter the flame, the quicker the cook and the juicier your results.
Gas barbecues on average generate power ranging between 25,000 and 60,000 BTU but the Coyote C2C36 LP/NG gas grill is even more powerful, with 80,000 BTU. Just push and turn the ignition for a safe, reliable start and the Infinity Burners on the Coyote deliver a very high heat, which is essential for tasty grilling. It even comes with an internal halogen light, so you can cook well into the night!

A popular feature to look out for when you are shopping for a grill is a built-in thermometer. Technically, the difference between “grilling” and “BBQ-ing” is whether you close the hood of your appliance while cooking. Grilling is when you leave the lid up. For moist and tender BBQ results, you want to keep the hood closed but this technique makes it very difficult to check on your progress when you cannot see the food. Plus, precious heat will escape every time you have a peep. Look for models with something like the Coyote’s integrated thermometer. It easily lets you monitor the temperature. A warming rack is a handy additional feature that will help you keep everything piping hot, if you are cooking in batches. Usually more common in high-end models, a warming rack really completes the “outdoor kitchen” functionality of your grill set-up. The Coyote has a removable warming rack, which will keep food heated until serving time.

Who’s coming to dinner?
How many people can a grill cook for?

Before you start shopping for a grill, you need to think about who will be eating. Are you just cooking for yourself? The whole family? The whole neighbourhood? You can judge how many people a grill can cater for by counting the number of burners. Two burners will easily cater for four people. Gas grills are a flexible option because they allow you to turn on just one burner, two, and four or even up to six burners, depending on what you need.

A medium-to-large grilling area, such as 490-square inches can handle 25 burgers at the same time (but you will be busy flipping!) If you are a homeowner or have access to a larger space, the C2C36 LP/NG is a 36-inch grill with four burners. Its performance-enhancing heat control grids minimize flare-ups while distributing the heat evenly across the 875 square inch cooking area. This is great if you are doing sides on the grill (like onion rings) at the same time as your meat or main course.

Built to last. How to ensure your grill keeps on cooking.

When you are shopping and researching grills, pay attention to the construction materials. What your grill is made of will affect its durability and how well it resists rust. Gas grills can be made of enamel, sheet metal, cast iron and stainless steel. To ensure your grill will not only last the summer, but also continue to be the life of many more BBQ parties to come you should check the specs for quality. Today, the dominant fashion is stainless steel. It has a sleek, eye-catching and modern look; it retains the heat and is easy to clean. But buyer beware! Shiny grills in the lower end of the market are usually using very thin sheets of metal.
Check the grade of stainless steel to avoid disappointment later. The Coyote C2C36 is made with 304-grade stainless steel, which is the grade that experts recommend to best resist corrosion. This sturdy grill has a continuously welded stainless steel grill box with seamless, polished edges. It’s a good idea to invest in a cover to protect your grill from the elements and to keep the steel from yellowing. In addition, remember to check the warranty offer for protection. Each type of grill has its own appeal. For modern living and easy, garden entertaining, it is hard to overlook the benefits of a gas grill and the Coyote Outdoor Living’s C-Series grill is a reliable model that suits BBQ-enthusiasts of all types.

Happy grilling!

Pros for gas grills

Gas barbecues are convenient if you like to cook fast and frequently (just turn the knob and start grilling)
There are more options and features with gas, so they are better for foodies
Fast to heat, easy to clean, no mess from charcoal
Suits cooking for different sized groups

Drawbacks of gas grills

You love the full-bodied charcoal flavour
If you like making smoked meat, it’s much easier with coals

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