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Looking for the best in Outdoor Kitchen Islands?

Read on to find out how to get the best in cost-reductions, convenience, quality and durability! .
RTA Outdoor Living, purveyor of excellent outdoor kitchens, and Coyote, maker of premium barbeques and outdoor appliances, have teamed up to offer easy to instal, cost- and time-efficient outdoor kitchen island kits that are literally guaranteed to stand up to even the toughest climates.

A fully equipped, all-season outdoor kitchen that’s ready to spring into action the moment the sun comes out has never looked so good.
Maybe you’re considering one for your own home. Or, if you’re a designer, you may find yourself receiving more and more enquiries from clients eager to include this highly desirable feature in their landscaping plans.

In either case, you may be at least somewhat familiar with a few of the outdoor kitchen island kits on the market. These kits might seem to promise great convenience and the possibility of streamlining your project timeline and budget. But will those enticements live up to expectations? And will the end results bear up to our Canadian winters?

The hidden expenses of RTFs and pre-built kits

Unexpected expenses and delays can easily crop up with some outdoor kitchen island kits, including seemingly convenient Ready to Fabricate (RTF) kits and Pre-built Modular or Prefabricated kits.

For example, since RTF kits are usually comprised of prefabricated aluminum or galvanized steel frames wrapped in cement board, they still have to be finished with masonry, tile or stucco once they’ve been installed. Keep in mind, too, that these kits don’t always provide appliance cut-outs, either — so the time and expense of doing that work would have to be included in your project timeline and budget.

Pre-built Modular or Prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits, on the other hand, are usually finished in stucco and grouted tile. They come with appliance openings and are shipped in one piece. That may sound convenient, but — and this is a big but — that one piece is inevitably quite heavy, which means that you’ll need heavy equipment or even a crane to install this type of island. Finally, as this type of kit has to be delivered in one big, cumbersome box, there’s a risk of shipping damage.
And, needless to say, with either an RTF or Pre-built Modular or Prefabricated kit, appliances and countertops will still have to be found, purchased, delivered and installed.

RTA and Coyote: A partnership designed to meet the most discerning tastes

In contrast, RTA outdoor kitchen island kits are a two-in-one offer that conveniently does away with hidden installation expenses while shrinking your to-do list and guaranteeing durable results that live up to the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

RTA Outdoor Living has partnered up with Coyote to produce a time-saving, easy to instal option. Coyote, like RTA, makes premium products that meet high aesthetic and technical standards — even in the toughest climates. Every Coyote outdoor appliance is entirely made of highly durable 304 Stainless-Steel. Even individual components such as doors and drawers emanate premium quality from every square inch. Including everything from high-performance grills, power burners and fridges, Coyote’s range of outdoor appliances is bound to make any designer or home chef’s eyes light up.

Easy does it!

Delivered with premium Coyote outdoor appliances, RTA kits are pre-finished and come with appliance openings. Installing an RTA kitchen island kit does not entail any waiting around for additional deliveries, or any additional contractors!

RTA kits are delivered in panels, so they are relatively light. There’s no need to rent any heavy equipment in order to get them in place. Being lighter than other types of kitchen island kits, they are easier to instal. All it takes is two people, a drill and 3 drill bits. Watch how it’s done!

With panels and countertops made of engineered concrete composite and ultra-high-performance concrete, RTA kitchen islands can ride out even the harshest Canadian winters, year in, year out. And if the winters from your part of the world lead you to doubt that at all, you’ll be interested to know that RTAs have a lifetime structural warranty. (See below!)

We did mention that with an RTA kit, you’ll have everything you need with just one delivery, right? No waiting – for delivery trucks, contractors, or cranes. Just instal and get cooking. (Or move on to your next project!)

An RTA kit with Coyote appliances = premium quality materials and service that live together happily-ever-after!

RTA outdoor kitchen island kits come with both companies’ best-in-class customer service and warranty. Which means that you and your clients can rest assured that your design will be enjoyed as a pleasingly convenient, high-performance outdoor kitchen for many years to come.
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