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Next Level BBQs for the Best Summer Cookouts Ever

Levelling up your BBQ chops with a new grill brings a lot to the table — literally!

From hybrid gas and charcoal BBQs, to pellet grills, Asado cookers, and a Teppanyaki-style grill — the menu-expanding possibilities Coyote serves up are head-turning!

We’ve put together the following survey for inspiration and as a practical guide. Which Coyote model will tick all your boxes?

  • How do you like to cook? Are you into smoked roasts and rotisseries? Or are you a short-order cook who needs to whip up a family dinner or some perfectly seared steaks, pronto?
  • Are you looking for a BBQ for an outdoor kitchen island? Or would a grill on a wheeled cart work better on your deck?
  • What type of fuel do you want to use?
  • What kind of features are your must-have’s? Is it all about keeping things low-maintenance, or versatility?
  • Which would be the most exciting extras for your household? Do you want to expand your BBQ menu? Or does your outdoor kitchen need a particular kind of built-in?

If you haven’t spotted your perfect grill by the end of this tour, you’ll at least have made a good start!

GAS GRILLS for short-order cooks

The convenience of gas grills has made them a familiar classic sight for generations. They’re great for quick meals. Just one click of a button and they’re ready to go in minutes, and —a big plus for busy families! —they’re easy to clean. Coyote gas grills are made of 304 stainless steel so they’ll never rust or corrode. All their gas grills have interior LED lights for after-dark BBQing.

Coyote’s C-Series is their standard line of gas BBQs.

  • These models range from 28″ to 42″.
  • They’re available as built-in and free-standing versions.
  • Their cooking surfaces run from 585 to 955 square inches — enough to feed a whole army of family and friends.
  • They go up to 100,000 BTU.
  • High-performance Infinity Burners™ and 304 stainless heat control grids maintain even grilling temperatures.

If rotisserie-style chicken, smoked salmon, or beautifully seared steaks and hamburgers are your thing, check out Coyote’s S-Series gas grills!

  • The 30″ model comes in both a built-in and a free-standing configuration.
  • The 36″ and 42″ built-in models can be free-standing with the purchase of a cart.
  • Their cooking surfaces run from 665 to 955 square inches.
  • A Rotisserie kit and smoker box come with each model.
  • They’re equipped with Coyote’s RapidSear™ infrared searing burner.
  • High-performance Infinity Burners™ with ceramic briquettes produce superb flavour and even cooking.
  • LED illuminated knobs shine beautifully at night.
  • They go up to 110,000 BTU.

All Coyote’s gas grills come in both propane and natural gas models. If you’re hesitating between propane and natural gas, don’t worry. If at some point you need to change fuels, a licensed gas fitter can make the switch with a gas conversion kit.

CHARCOAL GRILLS for smoky BBQ flavours

Gas may be convenient, but for some, nothing can ever beat the smoky flavours and aroma of a charcoal BBQ. (Your other contenders will be pellet grills and Asado cookers — see below!)

  • Coyote’s 36″ charcoal grill is made for built-ins but can be free-standing when combined with a cart.
  • The cooking area is over 875 square inches.
  • An adjustable fuel tray takes charcoal or wood chips.
  • Adjustable dampers control air flow.

A HYBRID GRILL for the best of both worlds — practicality and smoky flavour

Coyote’s 50″ hybrid model is the best of both worlds — the old school smoky flavour of charcoal and all the practicality of a gas grill.

If your current BBQ gets over-crowded when you’re cooking for your gang, the additional cooking space this model offers is just the thing for you.

  • On the gas grill side, 2 high-performance Coyote I-Burners™ heat up the over 600-square-inch cooking area with up to 40,000 BTU.
  • On the charcoal grill side, a second 600-square-inch cooking area is heated by charcoal or wood chips in an adjustable fuel tray. Adjustable dampers control air flow.
  • This model comes as a built-in but can also be free-standing with the purchase of a cart.

ASADO cookers for more smoky flavour

For anyone who loves slow-cooked hickory smoked ribs or maple smoked salmon, this grill/smoker combo is a worthy investment.

Asado cookers can reach much higher temperatures than regular BBQs. Cooking with one is really a whole different experience!

  • The Coyote Asado cooker can be ordered for built-in application, or with a free-standing cart with shelves.
  • Coyote’s Signature Smoking Grate™ maintains perfect heat diffusion.
  • Heat-resistant ceramic keeps its exterior cool to the touch.
  • A temperature gauge and adjustable controls maintain exact temperature control.
  • Made-to-measure accessories for its 254-square-inch cooking surface include a pizza stone, heat deflector, beer-can chicken holder, a cooking grate gripper, and a waterproof vinyl cover.

PELLET GRILLS: the Lamborghini of BBQs

These are Formula One BBQs. Their versatility makes them the perfect pick for a deluxe outdoor kitchen. In fact, they can do everything your indoor kitchen can and more — sear, slow cook, and bake at much higher heats than a regular oven. (Wait. Hear that? That’s a piping hot pizza calling your name!)

They also heat up quickly thanks to an on-board computerized system that controls the pellet feed.

Access to an electrical outlet is required to run them and they should be cleaned after every use. But with all they do, that little extra TLC seems like a fair trade.

Coyote pellet grills are available in 28″ and 36″ sizes and can be ordered as a built-in or a fully assembled grill on a mobile cart.

  • Intuitive touch-screen controls and a built-in timer are easy and accurate.
  • A wind guard, laser cut grates and smoke and sear grates offer precision control.
  • Three separate food temperature probes that let you maintain just the right temp for whatever combo of meat, veggies or seafood you’re grilling.
  • Handily placed right in front, the green Smart Drop™ pellet system can take up to 12 pounds of any kind of flavoured wood pellets at a time.
  • Multiple racks provide multi-tiered cooking surfaces.

FLAT TOP grills — the hot up-and-comer

First introduced just last year, this new line is inspired by Japanese Teppanyaki grills. The smooth iron cooking surface seals in all the mouth-watering juiciness of seafood, meat and vegetables. But what’s fun is you can also cook up noodles, pancakes, eggs and bacon on it! You can see why flat top grills are a big trend.

Coyote Flat Tops have a built-in internal sensor that indicates when the grill is ready to get cooking, and control knobs with LED rings change colour, from blue to orange to red, as the temperature rises.

Cleaning up a flat top is straightforward. Just spray the cooking surface with a vinegar-water or lemon juice-water solution while the grill is still hot, remove any burnt bits or grease with a scraper, then wipe it down. (Source:

  • Coyote Flat Top grills are 30”and have a 400 square-inch cooking area.
  • Two individually controlled heat zones go up to 17,000 BTU power per burner.
  • An LED light indicates whether the gas supply is on or off.
  • Its removable grease trap is easy to reach.
  • It comes with a stainless-steel cover that protects the cooking surface.
  • As with other Coyote grills, they are available as built-ins or can be free-standing with the purchase of a cart.

What will you be serving up at your cookouts this summer?

If you decide to notch up your grilling game, will your cookouts be all about leisurely, coal-fired BBQs? Smoked Bourbon Brisket? Easy-going family meals made in a jiffy on a gas grill? Or weekend brunches with pancakes, eggs and bacon sizzling on a flat top grill?

If your heart’s torn, remember — there is no rule that says you can only have one!

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