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Your guide to the best noise reduction range hoods on the market

Can you speak up, please? Why noise reduction hoods will improve your social life.

Open concept kitchens are a trend in modern architecture and it appears this trend is here to stay. This fantastic design approach blends the coziness of cooking and food prep with your dining, lounging and entertainment areas. It’s fabulous for socializing and bringing people closer together in a mixed space because it means different activities can take place while cooking is happening. But a noisy range hood can really spoil the functionality of an open concept plan.
We often need the kitchen exhaust fan working to keep the air clean from smoke and smells, but the racket they can cause interrupts television, concentration and results in people raising their voices to be understood over the din! To keep people from straining their voices during dinner or at parties, noise reduction hoods were born. Using modern innovations in airflow technology there are now several types of range hoods that are capable of silent ventilation. The models we will look at provide high-performance kitchen ventilation and air filtration while producing only a quiet whisper of air movement. This means you and your guests can relax in the living area, even with the hood running in your open-plan kitchen.

Finally, a range hood that makes no noise.

You have probably heard of decibels for measuring sound but when it comes to assessing the whirring noise of kitchen cooker fans, you might start hearing about “sones”. Sones are quite interesting. They are subjective units of measurement, based on the psychological perception of how intense sound is. To give you an idea, one sone is roughly equal to the sound of a refrigerator running. Normal conversations take place at about four sones, and light traffic can get up to a sone reading of eight. Leading Italian range manufacturer, Falmec, have mastered a Noise Reduction System (NRS®) which has effectively halved the perceived sound, or sones, of their range hoods when you compare them to the standard fans on the market. NRS® is a new technology designed by scientists who specialize in fluid dynamics and, as a result, the Falmec Silence collection of seven range hoods are some of the quietest in the world.
Whereas, San Francisco-based company, Zephyr, have brought their own innovation to the rush to hush. The DCBL Suppression System® from Zephyr is the first range hood designed for home kitchens that uses a motor powered by brushless, direct current (DC) energy. Essentially, it uses a magnet design to operate at 0.8 sones when you have it working at a setting that meets every day cooking needs. This is almost inaudible. This is up to 77% less noisy than a regular exhaust fan. With options like these, you can happily chat and cook at normal volumes.

The strong, silent type.
Quiet does not mean weak.

The kitchen is the heart of the household. A silent hood means you can cook, work, talk and listen to music without the noisy distraction of typical of cooker hoods. On top of this, you don’t have to compromise on air suction performance or durability. When you are looking for a range hood, you want to find one that will properly ventilate your kitchen, removing smells and smoke produced while you are cooking. The power or air movement for range hoods is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). There is a perception that the quieter the range hood, the weaker the fan must be, but both Falmec and Zephyr blow this idea away.
The Zephyr ranges can operate from 250 CFM (typical working speed) to meet your everyday cooking needs. Should you need more power, all range hoods with DCBL Suppression System® technology are capable of moving up to 715 CFM on maximum speed. Zephyr also lead the way on energy efficiency, so if you are concerned about the environment (and your power bill) their range hoods are a great choice. The Bloom™ HD LED lighting system their ranges use were designed in conjunction with camera lens designers. They beautifully illuminate your cooking space, adding no extra warmth to it (cool to the touch). They are even dimmable, which is an industry first, and allows you to reduce your energy consumption. Durability is also critical when you are talking about an appliance that is part of day-to-day living. Falmec builds their hoods to last, with each of them 100% produced in Italy with AISI 304 stainless steel, which is known in the industry for being extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. These contemporary range hoods are designed with your quality of life in mind. Incredibly quiet, more efficient in their ventilation and lower fuel consumption… it makes the choice simple. When it comes to modern range hoods, silence truly is golden.


Fluid dynamics is related to the study of fluids and how forces affect them.

Pros of a noise reduced range hood

So quiet, you won't notice when it's on
Suits a kitchen in an open plan living environment
Cost saving on power bills
Energy efficient

Things to keep in mind about hoods…

They are best suited for residential use, not commercial
More expensive than regular kitchen exhausts

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