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The Art of Setting Up Your Perfect Kitchen

Over the last year, our kitchens have really been put through their paces. They’re where we make and take our meals, take refuge with a bit of relaxing baking, and maybe even get in some homework supervision or the odd business zoom call.

It’s not surprising that many of us are casting a creative and/or critical eye on these spaces — and that home renos are on a steep upward trend, leaving contractors and building supplies in short supply.

But it’s really not necessary to undergo all the chaos and expense of a full reno to radically upgrade your kitchen’s functionality and style. Switching up kitchen appliances can do so much to improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.

Afterall, it’s really that hard-working triumvirate of oven range, fridge, and dishwasher that makes a kitchen tranquil and efficient.

Where to begin

To find the appliances that will really work as the heart of your home, start by observing how your kitchen is (or isn’t!) serving your household’s needs and lifestyle. Keeping those observations in mind, considering these four main factors will lead you to the appliance models that will be most efficient for your kitchen.

Functionality and performance: You shouldn’t have to hope that your appliances will be trustworthy — and you don’t! The high performance features of Blomberg’s kitchen appliances are the result of 135 years of experience in appliance design and manufacturing. Their reputation for solid German engineering combined with their sophisticated aesthetics have made them top choice for many designers and architects time and time again.

Your household needs and lifestyle: Observe how your household moves through your kitchen space and what kind of cooking goes on there. Have your household needs changed? Now is the time to note what your current needs are.

Physical dimensions: Your kitchen layout and dimensions determine how much room there is for appliance doors to open and shut. You may even want to take into account the height of those who will be using your appliances. (Is it easier to reach up to open a freezer or oven door, or will an undercounter door be more convenient?)

Energy efficiency and durability: Look for appliances that are designed to reduce your carbon footprint, energy bills, and the needless waste of landfill.

High performance ovens and stovetops

Whatever kind of home cooking you do, from baking to holiday roasts, to quick week-night dinners, your oven range is your most essential tool. Each model in Blomberg’s new line of 30” ranges have a 12” cooking zone for extra-large pots and pans and heating controls that go from producing the gentlest simmer to the perfect sear with ease. They also have the most generous interior capacity on the market for a 30” range, with 5.7 cu. ft. of cooking space. Thoughtful design features include dual interior lights and a large viewing window — which little ones can safely enjoy gazing through, thanks to Blomberg’s cool-touch glass oven doors.

Choosing between a gas, induction, electric, or dual fuel range comes down to your household’s lifestyle.

  • Keen home chefs tend to prefer gas ranges for their fine-tuned temperature control and even heat distribution.
  • Busy families, particularly those with young children, appreciate induction ranges for their safety, precision, and energy efficiency. And, needless to say, the fact that they are the easiest type of range to clean goes a long way for these households.
  • Electric ranges use elements under the cooking surface to produce heat. They come in at a slightly lower price point than induction ranges, but have the same smooth, visually appealing, easy to clean surface.
  • Offering the magic combination of a gas cooktop and a true European convection oven, dual fuel ranges are the ultimate in control and precision — so, naturally, they’re a dream come true for keen home bakers and cooks.

Once you know what type of range you want, it’s time to consider your kitchen layout. Does the day-to-day flow of activity in your kitchen call out for a freestanding range, or would a built in oven and a cooktop oven in two different spots make more ergonomic sense? For instance, you don’t want a bottle neck of cooks and kids crowding around your range!

Busy families and couples who like to cook together may find that separate cooktops and ovens give everyone the room they need. Blomberg cooktops are known for their elegant looks, and they come in a variety of sizes, with many different configurations of burners. You’re bound to find a cooktop that will be a perfect fit for your kitchen.

For particularly compact kitchens, Blomberg also makes 24” electric and gas ranges, as well as separate cooktops and ovens. In short, even if your kitchen has very limited space, you’ll be able to get a Blomberg range or stove top and oven with all the advantages offered by their 30” models.


Not all refrigerators are built alike. All Blomberg refrigerators have the advantage of three major features that are engineered to keep food fresher, longer in a more sanitary, odor-free environment. Duo cycle cooling produces energy-efficient, evenly distributed, consistent temperature and humidity levels while controlling odors. Fresh produce kept in crisper drawers illuminated by Blomberg’s Blue Light Technology actually continues to undergo photosynthesis. So fresh greens, veggies and fruit keep all their fresh flavours, juiciness, crunch, and nutrients longer than ever. Finally, Blomberg’s Ion Fresh technology uses negative ions to knock out the airborne bacteria, microbes and ethylene gas that cause food spoilage and odors.

Choosing the right model

How can you tell which fridge model will best for your kitchen? Once physical dimensions have been taken into account, the next issue is to decide what type of fridge door will work best with the day-to-day flow of activity in your kitchen.

French-door fridges have some advantages that explain why they’re particularly popular at the moment. These models offer convenient visibility, and since their doors are less wide, they take up less space when they’re opened.

On the other hand, for smaller kitchens, households that don’t need to keep much fresh produce on hand, or those who prefer a more minimal kitchen design with open shelving over one long counter, an undercounter fridge will be a good choice.

All that said, if you need to allocate more of your budget elsewhere, a traditional top-freezer model will offer the same high performance as Blomberg’s other fridge models at a lower price point.


With more and more meals being prepped and served at home, dishwashers are being put through their paces. A dishwasher that is quiet and dependable is practically worth its weight in gold, these days. And here, again Blomberg’s engineering comes to the rescue.

The stainless steel interiors of their dishwashers absorb more noise than the plastic interiors in many other dishwashers. This, along with three layers of sound-reducing insulation make Blomberg’s dishwashers industry leaders in hard-working peace and quiet. These stainless steel interiors also allow for washing temperatures up to 167°F for the most thorough sanitizing effect of any washing machine on the market.

Not that you need that level of cleaning every time you run a load. We don’t do the same kind of cooking every day, and we don’t use the same kind of cookware every day, either. Blomberg dishwashers are designed to for flexibility. The upper rack in these dishwashers can be adjusted upwards to make way for pots, pans and dishes of every dimension below, or lowered when tall glasses need cleaning.

All this high performance functionality comes with an industry leading level of energy efficiency. As the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence award for two years running, Blomberg’s ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers are designed to save energy, making them top choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

All told, selecting a high-efficiency triumvirate of appliances is a relatively effortless way to make a terrific home improvement.

Find out how a Blomberg stove, fridges, and dishwasher could give your kitchen a beautiful, high performance upgrade.

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