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When buying a dishwasher…

It’s simple, dishwashers were developed so we don’t have to wash the dishes. We want them to properly clean our dishes, not be too expensive to run and be good for the environment. Unfortunately, not all dishwashers perform to our expectations, so here is what you need to know before you buy.

Cost considerations

The cost of a dishwasher doesn't just come down to only the price tag. Both electricity and water consumption costs need to be taken into consideration. There are significant differences in the running costs of different models, that’s why it’s important to make sure your dishwasher is energy star rated. You can visit the EnergyStar website to verify the dishwasher you are considering is listed.

Stainless interior a must

Choosing to go with a stainless-steel dishwasher tub has several benefits; stainless can withstand higher temperatures than plastic and this aids in the drying process saving you money, secondly the sturdier walls absorb noise therefore resulting in a quieter dishwasher and lastly stainless steel is non-corrosive and will not absorb odors. Though plastic tubs are less expensive, you can check energy ratings to calculate and compare long-term costs.

Silence is golden

To ensure you pick a quiet dishwasher you must verify the decibel rating (dBA), generally it ranges is from 37 to 64 dBA. The lower the decibel number the quieter the dishwasher. What contributes to a silent dishwasher is the engineering, dishwashers are encased in sound dampening material called bitumen. Another new technology to enquire about is a brushless DC motor vs AC motor which is standard in most dishwashers. All these features ensure your dishwasher will be super quiet.

Not all dishes are created equal

Number one complaint is my oversized plates or pans don’t fit in my current dishwasher. Good news, there are brands that have amazing flexibility that will allow you to accommodate your dishes.

The main features you should look for are adjustable upper racks that move up and down, this means you can lower or raise the height to fit large items in the lower rack. The easiest is the quick-release clips on either side of the upper rack, this allows to lower or raise the height even if the upper rack is full of dishes. You can save money and opt for a manual system, this means the upper rack will have to be empty when you adjust it.

Another feature is fold-down prongs dishwashers will make loading large items easier. Look for dishwashers with fold-down prongs in both the upper and lower racks.

Lastly, for those who need some extra space there is a third upper rack for cutlery and small items. This feature is usually found on the higher end models.

Busy lifestyle

We have busy lifestyles and we need features to make our lives simpler, we are all aware of the normal wash cycles but here are few features that are worth enquiring about.

Rinse/Hold Cycle - It lets you rinse dirty dishes when you're not quite ready to start a full cycle. This option can reduce odors and save you from physically rinsing while you accumulate enough dirty dishes for a full load.

Mix Wash Cycle – You have loaded your dishwasher with an assortment of dishes and you then are wondering what wash cycle to choose. Pots and pans cycle might be too intense for your glasses and regular wash might not clean your pots. That’s when a mix cycle will work the best, this brilliant dual water pressure program applies gentle pressure in the upper basket for delicate glass and china, plus 60-percent higher pressure in the lower basket to get even heavily soiled pots and pans thoroughly clean.

Self-Clean Option - New to the market is self-cleaning filter technology for those that don’t want to bother to clean their filters. This innovation delivers the ultimate in both convenience and sustainable performance. Pressurized water is pumped through a rotating sprinkler to break down and rinse away any food residue inside the filtration system.

Turbo Dry – This technology not only achieves a faster drying time but also leaves the dishes cool enough to touch at the end of the drying cycle by the use of a fan which is very helpful with condensation drying.


A DC brushless motor in simple words is a device that converts electrical energy (direct current system) into mechanical energy. This technology optimizes the working speed to control water pressure, electrical efficiency and lowers the wash-cycle noise.

What to look for …

Energy Star rated dishwasher.
A stainless-steel tub interior.
A lower decibel rating.

Be careful with …

Matching washing cycle features with your lifestyle.
Keeping the features in-line with your budget.

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