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A Guide to the Good, the Better, and the Best Range Hoods

Even a quick search for range hoods turns up a head-spinning array of options. We’ve narrowed down the field to a selection of top-notch designs that offer fantastic style, performance, and value for your money.

So elegant — and so essential!

The starring role hood fans play in so many fashionable kitchen layouts belie all the hard work they do.

They help keep kitchen temperatures from climbing to uncomfortable heights. They ensure that last night’s Thai curry doesn’t hang in the air unappetizingly at breakfast. They draw smoke away from smoke detectors, preventing ear-splitting false alarms. And they keep grease from settling on cabinetry and walls in an unsightly, hard-to-clean mess.

It would be next to impossible to keep a kitchen truly clean, odour free, and comfortable without a good range hood. So naturally, as kitchen designs have evolved, the makers of kitchen ventilation systems have kept up with the times, producing new models and features to match the requirements of every type of range and layout.

With the amazing assortment of models available on the market, finding the best range hood for your kitchen and lifestyle can be daunting.

Never fear. We’ve assembled three categories of beautiful high-performance range hoods that respect a variety of household budgets and specifications. (If your stove top is installed in a kitchen island, for example, we have a selection just for you below.)

Two things to note before we get to the fun part

To save time and keep your hunt on track, determine your specifications.

  1. What are the dimensions of your cook top area? Will your kitchen layout allow you to vent outdoors, or will you need a ductless option? How high are your ceilings?
  2. What is your budget?

Once those matters laid out, other, no less important factors related to lifestyle and personal taste have to be considered. We think that perusing the following options is a good way to uncover the models that will really click with you on that level.


If your love of great design is greater than your budget

These three elegant models prove that having a budget doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t be equipped with a beautiful, high-functioning range hood.

These hoods have powerful fans with settings that go from 300 to 685 CFM to efficiently vent grease and smoke. Their long-lasting LED lights are cool to the touch, very energy efficient, and provide a pleasantly lit work area on your stove top. Also, there’s no problem if your kitchen layout doesn’t allow for an outdoor vent — each of them offer an optional recirculation ductless charcoal kit at a low price.

Faber’s Classica Plus

The optional wireless remote control offered with the Faber Classica Plus makes it convenient for any busy household, as well as ADA compliant. If your local building codes require it, Faber’s Variable Air Management (VAM) system can permanently set its CFM at the right level.


Zephyr’s Savona Wall

If a classic pyramid style is more to your taste, take a look at Zephyr’s Savona Wall. With its Airflow Control Technology, it can be permanently set at a reduced CFM to respect local building codes.

Falmec’s Mercurio

Made by Falmec, the Mercurio is a sleek T-shaped hood fan with removable, washable metal grease filters. Falmec’s Speed Reduction System can reduce the air flow rate to meet your building codes, if necessary.



More features and power to make your home sweet home a little sweeter

Each of these hoods would be an attractive choice for any style of kitchen. Good looks aside, the powerful 600 CFM blowers in these range hoods clear air at high speed. They are also equipped with an automatic delay shut-off feature — because jumping up from the table to go turn off your hood fan is the last thing you want to do just as you’re sitting down to your meal!

For kitchen layouts that make it impossible to vent air outside, each offers an optional recirculating ductless kit. Optional duct extension kits for ceilings higher than 9 feet can be ordered for them, too.


Faber’s Glassy

The streamlined, contemporary appeal of this elegant flat glass canopy is enhanced by innovative, seamlessly integrated backlit electronic controls. It offers a choice of a 600 or 300 CFM motor, and a CFM Reducer kit can be ordered for it. With its convenient optional remote, it is ADA compliant.

Zephyr’s Ombra

The Ombra comes in an eye-catchingly on-trend Black Stainless-Steel finish. Its 600 CFM blower can be set permanently at 290 or 390 CFM to meet local building codes.


Falmec’s Vulcano

Four-speed electronic controls and LED lighting are seamlessly integrated into this low-profile pyramid for a beautifully minimal look. Falmec’s Speed Reduction System can lower its maximum air flow rate to comply with building codes, and an optional charcoal filter can be ordered if it’s not possible to vent out.

The Best

High powered, high-end features — without the high-end price tag

The value of these top-quality range hoods is frankly hard to beat. While their powerful blowers can go from 500 CFM to 700 CFM, each can also run at a lower CFM. All three also provide an automatic delay shut off feature, optional duct extension kits for ceilings that are higher than 9 feet, and energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights that won’t heat up.

Faber’s Nova Pro

The Nova Pro is powered by a high-performance Pro Motor with all-metal impellers. With a depth of 21.5 inches and a Vari-duct System that can vent from either the top or the rear within its 10-inch canopy, it clears the air over a larger area than most hood fans. Dishwasher safe baffle filters and an optional ADA compliant wireless remote control bring added convenience.


Zephyr’s Venezia

Zephyr’s PowerWave technology makes the Venezia’s dual-internal blower system an exceptionally powerful yet quiet ventilation system. Two amazingly efficient and quiet patented aerodynamic blades move 750 CFM of air each — so using both fans at once gets you 1,300 CFM of ventilation power. The Venezia also offers a Connect app that works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa or your Google Home smart speaker. You can change the fan speed, set it to turn off at a specific time, turn the lights on or off, and more – either from your phone or through voice activation.

Falmec’s Plane NRS

The Plane NRS is super quiet, thanks to Falmec’s patented Noise Reduction System. With more day-to-day life happening in the kitchen – from cooking, to zoom meetings, helping kids with homework, or listening to music while cooking and eating together — a range hood with an operating decibel level up to 86% quieter than standard hoods makes all the difference in the world.


For Kitchen Islands

Looking for a range hood for your kitchen island? These three units offer excellent value and performance for your money with 500 to 600 CFM fans and your choice of pyramid style or T-shaped models. Each has an automatic delay shut-off feature. Optional recirculating kits with charcoal filters for ductless installation and optional duct extension kit for ceilings higher than 9 feet are available for all three.

Faber’s Dama Isola

This streamlined, seamless island chimney uses Faber’s VAM system to comply with local building codes. Faber’s Easy Island Mounting System simplifies installation.

Zephyr’s Roma Island

Zephyr’s ACT system lets you set this hood at a lower CFM if your local building codes require that. Thanks to its Quick-Lock Installation System with magnetic duct covers, installing the Roma Island takes just two people, as opposed to the three people most installations need.

Falmec’s Lumen Island

Equipped with the Air Falmec Filter, this hood distributes air suction evenly and efficiently over a larger area than most. And, as its name suggests, it also provides two sources of ambient lighting: fluorescent lights line the perimeter of the hood, and another strip of lights at its lower edge shine down at the cooking area below.

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