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If you enjoy wine, why wouldn’t you have a wine cooler?

Wine lovers and connoisseurs evidently have plenty of reasons to invest in a good wine cooler. Certainly, a beautifully lit wine cooler serves as an elegant, visually pleasing display case for avid collectors.

More importantly to anyone who enjoys the anticipation that comes with the satisfying pop of a good bottle being uncorked or that first sniff and sip of a long-coveted vintage, Presrv wine coolers make sure that nothing comes between wine lovers and their pleasure.

Designed to ensure proper aging while keeping bottles at just the right serving temperature, Presrv wine coolers guarantee that a suboptimal serving temperature or storage environment won’t deprive you of any of the earthy subtleties of a great pinot noir, or a gewurztraminer’s honeyed notes of lemon peel and barley sugar.

Beauty and practicality

But even those who don’t necessarily consider themselves “serious” wine connoisseurs may want to keep a wine cooler at home. Presrv wine coolers are practical appliances that keep wine and other beverages at the right serving temperature without taking up precious fridge space. And having a wine cooler means that no one has to rifle through your groceries to bring out a bottle in the middle of a bustling dinner party or get-together — which is no small matter in a busy kitchen.

“But” we hear you asking, “do we really need a wine cellar? Wouldn’t a bar fridge serve the same purpose?”

The answer to that is a hard no.

The fundamentals of proper wine storage

Fridges get an F- when it comes to wine storage. Why? Because to protect wine against spoilage, bottles need to be kept in conditions that maintain

  • Accurate and even temperature
  • Darkness
  • Proper humidity
  • Protection from vibrations

Presrv’s manufacturing standards and proven technology safeguard the precise conditions that allow vintages to age as they are meant to.

Accurate and even temperature: Extreme temperatures absolutely must be avoided. Temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius accelerate the aging of wine, and a temperature below 9 degrees slows that process down. Presrv has an Active Cooling Technology that utilizes on-board computer-controlled active cooling fans to provide temperature stability and even cooling. And with its PreciseTemp™ technology, multiple sensors are placed all over the unit to help maintain accurate temperatures for precise cooling. What’s more, Presrv utilizes a carbon filter located inside the unit to help improve air quality within the unit.

Darkness: Protection from UV rays is highly important in wine preservation. Presrv wine coolers are equipped with dual-panel, Low-E, argon-filled glass doors that greatly improve insulation to minimize heat exchange and increase soundproofing characteristics. A Low-E coating helps minimize the amount of UV and infrared light that passes through the glass door.

Humidity level: Air that isn’t kept at the right humidity will dry out bottle corks and cause wine evaporation and excess oxidation. Conversely, too much humidity will damage bottle labels. Presrv wine coolers use accumulated condensation to produce and maintain the ideal level of humidity: as excess humidity empties into a basin under the compressor, it evaporates thanks to the heat of the compressor.

No vibrations: A consistently motion-free environment is critical for quality wine. Vibrations prevent sediments from settling and hinder the development of a wine’s flavour and bouquet. Presrv wine coolers employ a Vibration Dampening System with heavy-duty cabinets and high-quality components that help reduce noise and vibration to minimize wine disturbance. While the design of the outer casing is aesthetic, the inner casing is engineered to protect your bottles from vibrations.

While each of the coolers in Presrv’s numerous lines of wine coolers ensures that all these conditions are met, features vary from one model to the next. It’s worth taking some time to consider which ones will best line up with your wants and needs.

Which Presrv wine cooler is right for you?

To narrow your selection down, start with these three factors:

  1. Consider your personal taste and/or the preferences of your family and friends.
  2. Next assess your budget. Invest in the features that bring you the most pleasure and functionality.
  3. Then choose the size and format that will work with your living space.

Personal taste

Those who have a decided preference for red or white wines might be best served by a single zone wine cooler, whereas those who keep both red and white bottles on hand or regularly host dinner parties will likely want a two-zone temperature control.

Wine collectors will naturally require a cooler with greater capacity. Presrv coolers range in capacity from 27 to 148 bottles. We advise choosing a model that will be large enough to leave 25% of its capacity free. It’s surprising how quickly a collector will fill up that space!

Collectors often appreciate LED lighting, too, since part of the pleasure of cooling bottles lies in showing them off and discussing them with fellow wine lovers.

On the other side of the spectrum, if there are craft beer drinkers among your family and friends, a wine and beverage cooler like Presrv’s French door model, PRWB24C32BG, could be the answer.

Or perhaps you prefer to age bottles in your basement and only need to keep a few bottles of wine upstairs. In that case, Presrv’s 15″ PRW15C01BG wine cooler model would be the right pick for you.


The cost of a wine cooler is determined by a number of factors, of course. For those who are building a wine collection, the model with the largest capacity will be worth every penny.

Materials are also reflected in the price of a wine cooler. Some have metal racks; in others, they’re natural wood — a feature that adds aesthetic appeal, along with a higher price point. Extra features such as digital displays are practical additions that may be worth investing in.

Once you have pinpointed your must-haves, the next step is to consider what dimensions and format will (literally!) be the best fit.


Which type of Presrv wine and beverage cooler will be best for your home?

Run down this check list to sort out your options:

  • What capacity will best suit your long-term needs? (Don’t forget our tip about keeping 25% of your cooler free for future additions to your collection!) Presrv wine and beverage coolers are offered in 15″- and 24″-wide models. For serious collectors, Presrv also makes full-height 24″-wide units.
  • Would a freestanding or built-in cooler work best with your layout?
  • While the stainless steel and black stainless steel finishes offered are classic options, Presrv also makes panel-ready coolers — a great choice if you are renovating your kitchen and want a seamless fit with your new cabinets.

Check out the full range of Presrv wine and beverage coolers to see which model will be just right for you!

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