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Bertazzoni Heritage ranges are always on point

Timeless style and high performance

Bertazzoni’s Heritage series is the outcome of centuries of ranges long treasured for their inspired design and high-performance functions.

The pleasure of living and cooking with Bertazzoni’s Heritage ranges begins with iconic features based on the Bertazzoni family’s original wood-burning stove. Pleasingly rounded chrome knobs and bright chrome handles are visually and ergonomically appealing, while super durable finishes in striking stainless steel, textured matt black (Nero) and ivory (Avorio) gloss finishes are elegant in all kinds of kitchen designs. (But don’t take our word for it! Check out some inspiring kitchens designs below!)

For cooks, however, the best thing about these ranges is how they combine all that classic style with high-performance engineering when you fire them up! Here are just a few features that have made Bertazzoni ranges a favourite of chefs and home cooks everywhere:

  • High-performance brass burners and two dual ring best-in-class 19,000 BTU power-burners boil water in under six minutes… or maintain a delicate simmer at 750 BTUs.
  • MonoBloc burners in a variety of sizes efficiently heat up pots and pans of all sizes.
  • Large temperature gauges are not only beautifully styled — they make it easy to monitor the actual temperature inside the oven.
  • Heritage ranges are equipped with a dual convection fan for perfectly balanced airflow and even temperatures on seven shelf levels.
  • Extra-wide broilers available in gas and dual fuel allow you to grill and sear to perfection.
  • The glass door of the oven runs edge-to-edge to maximize space — and wipes clean without scrubbing!
  • Oven shelves set on smooth telescopic glides and soft-close doors are just as ergonomically elegant as the control knobs on these ranges.

Historic, iconic design features

The Heritage range evokes Bertazzoni’s historic original design and centuries of Italian craftsmanship. Its chrome handle echoes the handrail of the original Napoleonic-era Bertazzoni stove. To complement that feature, the Bertazzoni family have created a series of real gold-, copper- and black nickel-plated accessories for the Heritage series. Reflecting centuries of Italian craftsmanship in gold- and silversmithing, these accessories are easy to add to all the Heritage range hoods, fridges and dishwashers.

With these personalized options and functional features, Bertazzoni Heritage ranges meld state-of-the-art engineering with timeless style, and this means they’re as elegantly at home in spare, minimal surroundings as they are in a colourful, eclectic kitchen design.

Just take a look at the kitchen designs below and see for yourself!

See how the Heritage series enhances current design trends

Minimal modern designs continue to appeal with their sense of calm and airiness. Yet, as we’ve found ourselves spending more time at home, some designs have moved in the direction of original combinations of colours, textures, materials and patterns to create personal, welcoming spaces.

For example, many of us are craving a closer connection with nature, the outdoors and a sense of fresh air and sunlight. If that’s you, you’ll find so much to love in Laurie March’s kitchen with its nurturing, natural hues. A Bertazzoni Heritage range with an Avorio finish is right in the centre, facing windows that look out onto a vertical garden of lush greenery.

That same Avorio finish is the key to the palette of this kitchen. Its sumptuously creamy hue is repeated in the hood colour and the surrounding wall to produce a rich, soft contrast with the moody dark green of the cabinets.

The matt black Heritage range stands out with classic flair in other kitchen designs. Here the brilliant contrast between the range and the white marble is stunning — and totally in synch with the current appetite for contrasting combinations of rich materials and textures. The whole look feels tangibly luxurious.

Note, too, that the Heritage series also includes stainless steel panels and panel-ready refrigeration units and dishwashers — which are all easy to personalize with the Collezione Metalli Décor sets whenever it’s time to update or refresh your kitchen design.

All told, with their unfailingly eye-catching style and masterful engineering, Heritage ranges are destined for family heirlooms status.

Because, as new design trends roll out, iconic good looks and high performance never age!

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