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Creating the Perfect Laundry Room with ASKO

It’s said that, back in 1950, the founder of Swedish appliance maker ASKO made his first washer to give his mother more time to do things she enjoyed.

Growing up, he would have watched his mother wrestling with heavy baskets of wet linens, or maybe feeding them into the ominously named “mangle.” Even in the 1940s, when electric washing machines were more commonplace, the enthusiastic ambitions of some appliance manufacturers exceeded their engineering chops.

In other words, there was still plenty of room for improvement when Andersson tackled the problem of reducing his mother’s workload. Having a Swede’s common sense and a farmer’s innate dislike of waste, his MO was all about delivering a hard-working, long-lasting appliance.

From that time on, ASKO appliances have stood for durability, safety, outstanding performance and great Swedish design. Sustainable manufacturing processes, waste-reducing features that respect the environment and reliability make their washers and dryers a concrete example of Swedish practicality. High-quality steel parts give ASKO appliances a 20-year life span. And with their enduring Scandinavian aesthetics, they’ll never look outdated, even as the decades pass.

All the models in ASKO’s line-up, from the timeless Classic version to the feature-rich Logic series and the exceptional Style series are beautifully minimalist ENERGY STAR-rated washers and dryers that save water, energy, and money.

All ASKO washers are uniquely hygienic, low maintenance and quiet. In other front-loading machines, rubber seals trap dirt and are a real pain to keep clean. But ASKO’s Steel Seal™ has replaced these rubber parts, giving bacteria nowhere to hide.

These washers are hard workers, but they’re quiet when they’re doing their job. ASKO’s Quattro Construction™, featuring four shock absorbers set on a bottom plate, stabilizes both the inner and outer drums, which makes them super durable and reduces operating noise.

If you like how that sounds, ASKO offers three lines of appliances for your consideration.

The Classic Series features the timeless Scandinavian good looks and high performance ASKO is known for. A clear, easy-to-use control panel offers a choice of three wash programs—Normal, Green Mode, and Intensive Mode. Select the Green Mode to reduce water and energy consumption or the Intensive Mode whenever garments or household items need a deep clean.

When harmonious design and high performance are equally important, the Logic Series hits all the right notes. The front plate, panel and display on these models are visually streamlined with a unified palette. The overall effect is a particularly elegant minimalist style.

The Style Series features a full-colour display with refined colour and image contrast. With displays that never flicker, these machines are literally and figuratively easy on the eyes. And of course, as with all ASKO appliances, they’re energy efficient and extremely durable.

So too are all ASKO dryers. Their generous capacity and sensor system keep drying time and energy consumption to a minimum. ASKO offers a choice of vented, condenser and highly energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryers.

Fans of highly functional Swedish design will also find much to like in ASKO’s laundry room components. Designed to fit in seamlessly with their washers and dryers, these components create a soothingly neat and ergonomic laundry room.

Hidden Helpers

Laundry baskets and ironing boards can be real eyesores. Hidden Helpers do away with such clutter. These practical accessories are cleverly designed to be close at hand—right where you need them, when you need them—then out of sight the moment you’re done with them. Fitting neatly between or under your ASKO washer and dryer, they streamline laundry tasks and keep everything neat and tidy.

ASKO’s slide-out ironing board opens and slides back into place without any of the awkward movements of a free-standing ironing board. An extra arm can be added for ironing shirt sleeves without fuss.

A double pull-out shelf behind another push/pull door provides a conveniently placed work surface for unloading, sorting and folding laundry—but only for as long as you need it.

Pull-out laundry baskets are kept out of view behind a push/pull door. These deep steel wire baskets make it easy to carry loads of laundry from your washer and dryer to your ironing board or a countertop for folding.

A useful 30 cm high storage drawer that’s ideal for storing your detergent, softener, coat hangers and other useful items in the laundry area. Place one beneath your washer and one under your dryer and you’ll have a better working height when loading and unloading. The drawer also comes with a shelf to make it easier to load and unload your laundry.

The sense of calm in an ASKO laundry room turns a tedious chore into a pleasantly simplified ritual. Karl-Eric Andersson himself (and his mother, no doubt!) would be proud.

See for yourself how ASKO’s appliances and laundry room components come together in a neatly functional and orderly space!

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