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Why eating fruits and vegetables if they lose their vitamins once they’ve been refrigerated...

We’ve peeled through the layers of this issue.

Oh, help, they’ve all gone soft!

How often do you buy fresh fruits and vegetables only see that they’ve gone soft or even mouldy in your fridge a few days later? Given the popularity of farm markets, online grocery stores and warehouse clubs, the temptation to buy more, save more and eat better is unfortunately all too often followed by the frustration of seeing fruits and vegetables go bad before you get the chance to taste them and take advantage of all of their vitamins.

Blue for the win (and not just in soccer)!

Not everyone has a vegetable garden or a vegetable farm near their home. So it’s interesting to know that some appliance manufacturers are trying to incorporate in their refrigerators a technology for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables (while also preserving their nutrients).

In fact, it was the parent company of the Blomberg brand, Arcelik, that started to introduce this “BlueLight” technology in refrigeration in 2007.

BlueLight technology prevents vitamin content from disappearing.

You’ll be delighted to know that the drawers of some refrigerators are lit by blue LED lights with a wavelength of 435-490 nanometres. According to the manufacturer, lights of this wavelength mimic the photosynthesis process that helps keep the plants in the condition they were in before they were harvested.

Research has shown that the vitamin C concentration of tomatoes stored under blue light decreased by only 2.3% in three days, compared to a 23% reduction in a conventional refrigerator. Similar tests with red and green peppers resulted in a 5% decrease in vitamin C concentration after five days under blue light, compared to 15% under ordinary light.

Save those vitamins

Thanks to a constant supply of blue light rays, bins like those in Blomberg refrigerators will preserve the vitamins in your fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresher and juicier longer. You can’t stop progress!

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