Foodies are falling in love…
What’s the point of eating fruits and vegetables if they lose all their vitamins once they’ve been refrigerated…?

Tick Tick Tick...Poof! It’s a Gas Range

We just love that sound of flames leaping up!

By definition, a gas range is an appliance used in your kitchen to cook using natural gas, petroleum gas (butane, propane) or coal gas. The gas is first diluted and then mixed with air through an injector. It then burns at the outlet according to the amount of air injected into the mixture.

If you’re lucky enough to have a gas connection in your kitchen, you’ll certainly want to consider the different options available for gas ranges. The base models do an excellent job of heating food while the more high-end models offer burners for simmering or quickly reaching a very high temperature, allowing you to easily prepare a sauce and an appetizer at the same time.

If you tend to cook multiple dishes separately, you’ll be delighted with Bertazzoni’s largest models. And if you like to take charge in the morning, you’ll love how this stove has a dedicated griddle space for preparing silky-soft crepes or crispy bacon.

You’ll also notice that Bertazzoni appliances also have useful cleaning features, and their pilot-less ignition allows for a trouble-free start. Plus, you can sleep easy. Even though the rings must be heated to let the gas out, once the flames go out, their mechanism—which cools back down—cuts the gas off, preventing any accidents.

Why cook with gas?

Cooking with gas remains the most popular cooking method among French chefs and European families. But what do they see in it exactly? Well, let’s count the reasons!

  • Precision: since the flame enables visual control, it’s possible to perfectly control how you cook your food.
  • Safety: some gas-cylinder-fed cooktops are equipped with a thermocouple system, immediately stopping the gas supply if the flame goes out. You should know that Bertazzoni is one of the only brands to offer such a safe system.
  • Instant ignition of appliances: most gas ranges have a quick ignition system using a built-in button.
  • Energy efficiency: gas ranges only require a small amount of energy. According to the World Wildlife Fund, gas ranges consume half the energy of their electric counterparts.

When energy, performance and beauty combine.

Vintage-style toasters and food processors, kettles with inspiring curves and pastel colours… are these accessories for fashionistas? Not at all.

The Bertazzoni family business is dedicated to creating and producing household appliances that are both high-performance and attractive. The company’s managing director Vittorio Bertazzoni explains, “People expect something a little surprising from us, even if our products are, most importantly, functional.

Plus, items like household appliances, which play an important role in our kitchens, must be built to last. We have to be able to admire them and use them for a long time, without ever growing tired of them.”

Indeed, Bertazzoni-brand gas cooking appliances are pleasant to look at and highly functional. They’re built by passionate people who know all about cooking for people who love—and know how—to cook. The company is located in the Po Valley in northern Italy, in a region called Émilie-Romagna that has traditionally been known as the “bread basket” since the Roman era. Its cuisine is filled with ingredients and recipes that have made Italian food famous around the world, like Parmigiano Reggiano au prosciutto di Parma and balsamico di Modena (balsamic vinegar), plus fine wines, local pasta varieties and other fresh products. The region has all the flavours you need to create the perfect meal.

As someone who loves to cook, you’re looking for the best tools for preparing your culinary delights under optimal conditions. Because you know your tagliatelle with truffles, wild duck cipaille and the salmon you caught yourself also deserve to be enhanced with what’s best and most beautiful. We understand.

Buon appetito !

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