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Next Level BBQs for the Best Summer Cookouts Ever

Think you can’t have your own outdoor oasis?

Think again!

Getting every ounce of enjoyment out of our homes is top of mind these days. With remote work, home schooling and “staycationing” jampacking households, where are you going to find a spot to unwind after a long day of work?

Outdoors — that’s where! Upgrading patios, balconies, roof top terraces, decks and backyards is where it’s at. In 2021, Better Homes & Gardens named outdoor kitchens as the top outdoor living trend. That comes as no surprise. It’s so much easier to disconnect from the 9 to 5 grind when an inviting outdoor space for cooking, eating and hanging out is waiting for you at the end of the day – just steps from your door.

On a purely practical level, installing an outdoor kitchen is a fast, cost-efficient way to increase living space without a stressful, time-consuming reno. And the resulting increase in resale value is nothing to sneeze at either.

So easy to build – anyone can do it!

With the streamlined system created by Coyote in partnership with RTA Outdoor Living, you can have your own fully equipped outdoor kitchen without hunting around for materials, appliances, designers or contractors — and right in time for the BBQ season!

And with RTA’s predesigned layouts and customizable designs, there’s an outdoor kitchen for every type of space and budget. Creating your personalized RTA Outdoor Kitchen equipped with Coyote appliances takes just three simple steps.

Use Coyote’s online design tool to select your:

  • appliances
  • finish – stone, wood or simple modern
  • layout

Once you’ve chosen your options and placed your order, all your components and appliances will be delivered to your home within a matter of weeks.

With a thickness of just 5/8” to 1¼”, RTA’s precast component panels require no heavy equipment or contractors for installation. It will take two people just a few hours to have your kitchen up and ready to go. (RTA is known for “outdoor kitchens without the fuss” with good reason!)

The quality of materials used by RTA and Coyote ensures that your household can look forward to enjoying your outdoor kitchen for years and years to come. Coyote grills and kitchen components are made of 304 stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode, while the microfibre technology used in RTA’s concrete composite panels makes them completely rust-, rot- and corrosion-proof. RTA Outdoor Living countertops are backed by a two-year warranty, and all their island bases come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Considering all the grilling, roasting, smoking and even baking that Coyote’s gas, charcoal, hybrid gas and charcoal, pellet grill and smokers can do, your outdoor kitchen might even outperform its indoor equivalent — and without overheating your home on hot summer days!

Whatever kind of outdoor space you have, you can find a Coyote grill that will fit right in. Ranging from 28″ to 50″, they can be built into an island or placed on a cart. Coyote sinks, refrigeration units and useful extras from spice racks to pull-out trash bins and pantries can be assembled in all kinds of configurations.

Coyote outdoor refrigerators keep perishable food and beverages cool under the counter, and this Refreshment Centre includes a sink, chopping board and towel holder. Kitchen layouts that include an island also offer the option of built-in storage drawers and access doors.


Over the last few years, entertaining guests out on a patio or deck has been a good alternative to a night on the town. And now the appeal of serving cocktails and appetizers at sunset in your own private space isn’t fading. When everything you need to serve your guests is right at hand, on ice and ready to go, an evening get together is pretty sweet.

Elegant and versatile, Dometic’s outdoor-rated mobile bars go wherever the party is. MoBar 50 provides all the essentials to keep drinks cool, while MoBar 300 includes a wine cooler. MoBar 550 has all the bells and whistles, with additional storage space and presentation baskets.


Coyote’s compact portable gas and electric grills are just as powerful as their larger BBQs.

That includes the Coyote Electric Grill. Think you can’t get a good sear going with an electric grill? Think again. This small but mighty grill heats up to 550 °F — enough to sear grill lines on burgers and steaks for that authentic BBQ look and taste.

With a 200 square inch grilling area, this portable grill is always ready to get you cooking at the beach, park or on your terrace. It may be smaller than some of the other guys in Coyote’s product line, but don’t let that fool you. It’s got a 20K BTU output and can reach 700 °F. And its 316 marine-grade stainless steel will keep its good looks for many years to come.


What will your personal oasis look like?

Looking for a fully equipped kitchen with all the bells and whistles, designed to warm the heart of your favourite home chef? A family retreat where holidays and birthdays are celebrated? Or a sophisticated space for cocktails and dinner parties?

Use Coyote’s Design Tool to bring your vision to life in 3D with your choice of appliances, countertops, finishes and accessories.

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