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When it comes to washers and dryers, sometimes looks can be deceiving . . .

What’s behind the Huebsch’s long standing popularity?

Their washing machines and dryers have a traditional look that doesn’t jump out at first glance. But don’t let that fool you. Huebsch has a dedicated following. In fact, they have won the Women’s Choice Award for washing machines for 5 years running and just recently ranked #1 for reliability by a leading consumer magazine.

So why are Huebsch washing machines and dryers so highly prized?

One answer to that question boils down to one number: 10,400. Read on to find out what that number has to do with Huebsch’s high standing.

Huebsch – laundry experts with a long history

Huebsch makes washing machines and dryers. And that’s it. That’s what they have excelled at since 1908.

Over all these years, they’ve never strayed from their field of expertise – making durable, dependable washing appliances that have won them such a loyal following that they’ve never had to branch out their product range.

Who are Huebsch’s biggest clients?

Well, they are big. Literally.

Huebsch’s clients have always included businesses and large-scale institutions that need to clean copious numbers of large loads practically continuously day in, day out. So Huebsch washers and dryers have always had to withstand high volume use with flying colours.

Their commercial clients need and expect their Huebschs to live up to their reputation as long-lived workhorses. So the company runs their models through a gamut of tests to ensure that they live up to their reputation – and their biggest clients’ demanding requirements.

Considering the standards these appliances are held to, you can expect them to perform reliably in your home.

But what does this all boil down to, in practical terms, for your household?

A long, long life, for starters!

Remember that number we mentioned?

The extreme testing Huebsch washing machines are submitted to verifies that each model can run a minimum of 10,400 cycles of laundry over its lifetime. For a typical household that washes 8 loads per week on average, that could translate into 25 years of use. (If you’re curious, that’s two to three times longer than other brands.)

And great time efficiency, for another. To commercial clients, time is money. So Huebsch cycles are particularly time efficient

A Huebsch TR5 on its Heavy Duty Cycle is 20.7% times faster than a competing model on its equivalent setting

Huebsch warranties are a deal of the decade!

For a limited time offer Huebsch is offering on all products a 10-year warranty. This covers all parts and in-home labour. Act fast before this offer expires. Offer valid October 1 through December 31, 2019.

Whenever you see excellent warranties like these, it’s fair to say that the manufacturer is confident that their products are genuinely durable.

In Huebsch’s case, that confidence is based in part on the quality of the materials they use.

. . .thanks in part to the industrial grade metal used to make them.

To take in a Huebsch’s genuine old school beauty, you need to look under the hood, so to speak. Reps at any Huebsch dealer can help you with that.

When the rep lifts off the front panel on a floor model, you’ll see that every component is made from commercial grade metal. You won’t find any of the breakable plastic parts that are commonly used in in other laundry appliances on the market today.

What difference does this make?

For one thing, metal parts don’t break. Need we say more?

Actually, yes, we do. Because the austenitic stainless steel used in Huebsch wash tubs is also extremely resistant to rust and corrosion.

The austenitic stainless steel Huebsch wash tubs are made from is 1.5 times more expensive than the steel used in other tubs. But the warranties covering those other machines typically cover only one year – after which you could find yourself on the line for a $300 replacement tub. Contrast that with Huebsch’s austenitic stainless steel tubs, which are guaranteed to remain rust and corrosion free for life and you’ve got a bit more insight into the popularity of these models.

Durability and cost-efficiency is just the start

Huebschs come in at a price point that’s a bit higher than some other laundry appliances.

Yet over the course of a Huebsch’s lifespan, other models will typically need to be replaced three times over. This explains why hard nosed businesses looking for cost efficient, high performing machines go with Huebsch.

If spending the time, effort and expense of researching and buying new laundry appliances every 5 to 7 years – or the frustration of having to wrestle with limited warranties and multiple repairs – is something you’d like to skip, there’s a Huebsch washer and dryer out there with your name on them.

Read on to learn how Huebsch models fit the bill for those looking for thorough yet gentle deep cleaning!

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