What’s behind the Huebsch’s long-standing popularity?
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When it comes to washers and dryers,

sometimes looks can be deceiving . . .

If we were to think back on the purchases we’ve made over our lifetime, how many of us would fondly remember irreplaceable favourites that weren’t necessarily showstoppers at first glance? Maybe a classic pair of jeans or a blouse with a quirky pattern that looked a bit odd on the rack yet wound up being a wardrobe staple. This can even be the case with appliances. An honest-to-goodness winner that you could easily stroll right past without a thought could turn out to be your most trusted household appliance.

Beauty is in the eye of the performance!

In German, Huebsch means beautiful, but that might not be immediately apparent when you first see the appliances on a showroom floor. However, it’s the end results that matter: clothes that look just as beautiful as the day you bought them. That’s why Huebsch is a five-time winner of the Women’s Choice Awards and just recently won the Best Pick 2021 award by Protégez-vous!

Agitate with care

If gentle, thorough cleaning and drying don’t seem like a big ask for a clothes washer and dryer to you, think again. Deep cleaning of fabrics is a more complex challenge than it used to be.

Why? First, consider that washing machines and dryers that wring the life out of clothing can actually lead to more wear and tear than wearing them does!

Take a look at the fabric composition labels and washing instructions on your clothing. These aren’t the fabrics of years gone by! What with new advances in synthetic blends, the clothes and household items we’re purchasing now are often composed of all sorts of new combinations of fibres that demand specific kinds of washing and drying cycles. How can you keep your clothes looking good?


How do your clothes look when they come out of your washer? Do you have to spend time untangling items that have become all twisted up together in a ball in the wash? Are some parts damper than others?

When you do a load of laundry in a Huebsch washer, you’ll find that your clothing and linens are evenly damp, with no dry (in other words, underwashed!) spots.

Unloading a Huebsch washer doesn’t require you to spend time untangling everything or shaking out balled-up items. This makes doing laundry a bit less of a pain, to be sure, but it also means that your clothes and household linens haven’t been unduly strained or stretched – which can cause fibres to fray or lose their shape.

Why do Huebsch washers get these results when other washers reduce a load of laundry to a balled-up tangle?

A Huebsch washer evenly saturates each laundry item with water right from the get-go, as soon as it’s turned on. The generous capacity of the washtub allows every laundry item to be completely surrounded with wash water, so the items move freely without getting entangled. And the wash water can move through the fibres of each entire garment, cleaning them more thoroughly.

Each garment moves under water like a synchronized swimmer

If you could look inside your Huebsch when it’s operating, you’d see that every item is moving back and forth in the water. In contrast, other washtubs only produce movement within the inner area of the tub and leave the items on their outer periphery practically immobile, while the items in the centre get battered and balled up.

If you want to keep your things in good condition, getting a washer and dryer that treat fabrics right, delicately and without over-drying is a very smart move.

Part of doing a job right is knowing when to stop!

Not everyone realizes this, but over-drying is a common problem these days. We can put this down in part to the range of new blended fabrics in today’s clothing. For example, some synthetic blends really don’t need to be bone-dry when you take them out of the dryer and will last longer if you take them out when they’re still just a tiny bit damp.

You have better things to do than meditate in front of your dryer

Keeping track of drying cycles could be a real pain, but a Huebsch dryer will use a specific series of drying and cooling cycles for a particular load of laundry and will stop at just the right point. How does it “know” which cycles to use and when a load of laundry is dried just enough? An algorithm in the control panel calculates the precise amount of time needed to get to the right temperature and the number of cycles that will dry a specific laundry load just so. Then a moisture sensor inside the drum sets off a cooldown cycle at just the right moment.

By not running on and on, over-drying your clothes needlessly, Huebsch dryers prevent shrinking or wrinkling – and reduce energy waste to boot.

Beauty or performance?

It’s safe to assume that Huebsch isn’t focused on making appliances that look particularly stylish, because they know people turn to them to keep their clothes looking sharp – and they’re confident their washers and dryers are doing that with flying colours.

So when do good looks really matter?

Well, probably when we’re talking about what you’re wearing on your back when you walk out your front door in the morning, LOL!

Curious to find out more? A rep at your local Huebsch dealer can show you how Huebsch clothes washers and dryers are designed to clean and dry laundry to perfection.

Happy washing!

But wait … there’s more!

Have furry pets leaving their fur all over your clothes and linen? This is not a problem with Huebsch’s new DR7 dryer. The new Pet Plus™ cycle utilizes an Advanced Axial Airflow with Huebsch’s commercial grade blower which powers airflow back to front for effective hair removal through the entire load. Get a load of that!

Need to wear an outfit in a jiffy only to realize it’s been tucked away in your closet for God-knows-how-long and is all wrinkly and smells like, well, your closet? Throw it in the new DR5 or DR7 dryer, choose the Steam Refresh cycle, and in 20 minutes, it’s as good as if you just washed it … and ironed it! It removes the static, too. How cool is that?

What’s more? The DR7 also has a Steam Sanitize cycle that kills 99.9% of common household bacteria by combining the power of heat and time with steam, thereby achieving a level of clean never seen before.

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