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The professional induction range in your commercial kitchen is the engine of the operation. It’s your workhorse and a flagship piece at the same time. A lot of the action happens around the range, so you need to consider your best options before you commit to purchasing the right one for you. If you are reading this, you have most likely already made the decision (probably based on space and preference) to go for a 30-inch sized induction range. For those who are still researching, induction models have a super quick-to-heat cooktop that uses an electromagnetic field to cook with magnetic pots. Induction is safe and fast, which makes it a favourite amongst chefs, especially when you do not have the option of gas. In this article, we will compare the Blomberg, Bertazzoni and Fulgor Milano’s 30-inch professional induction ranges. The compactness of this size class is perfect for kitchens with limited space, but there is no compromise on performance. These highly functional professional ranges pack in an array of best in class features that offer the same benefits as seen in commercial kitchens, catering companies and cooking businesses. All three are true convection ovens that utilize the efficient power of induction technology. They each have four burners on the cooktop, boast a telescopic rack in the oven for complete, safe removal of hot or heavy dishes, and have booster functions and the stylish, professional look of stainless steel. Really, every one delivers a high quality cooking experience. Let’s explore the features of each one.

The Practical Choice - Blomberg 30-inch Pro-style Induction

This Induction from Blomberg’s Pro-Style range leads the pack most notably because it delivers on capacity. With 5.7 cubic feet on internal oven space, this is the largest oven capacity available in a 30-inch range. When you are cooking at a commercial standard, size does matter! The spaciousness of the oven is a luxury in itself. Paired with the precision of its induction cooktop, it is a very impressive unit can meet the demands of a working kitchen.
However, don’t be worried that just because it delivers in space, you have to sacrifice for style. This is an iF Design award-winning range that celebrates contemporary European-style (Blomberg has deep German roots) and prides itself on coming from a heritage where function definitely follows form.

  • LED-illuminated controls
  • Cool-touch safety glass door
  • Programmable electronic timer
  • Self-cleaning
  • Sabbath mode

The Designer Choice - Bertazzoni 30-inch Induction XT and XE

This one is for the chefs who want to impress. The Bertazzoni has a long heritage of producing Italian designer appliances and in recent years, they have introduced the market to their stylish induction models. Unlike other professional ranges, the Bertazzoni has a depth of 25 1/8" so that it sits flush with cabinetry and countertops in the kitchen.
There are two styles in their induction ranges: Professional and Master. Both models feature malleable trademark stainless steel and signature colour coating for which Bertazzoni is famous. Of course, stainless steel is the perennial favourite but to create a bold pop of colour in your workspace will certainly brighten up your world. Elegant touches are everywhere on this range. From the soft-motion hinges that mean the oven door will stop in any place that you want it to, to the sleek Schott Ceran glass-ceramic induction cooktop that has futuristic feel to it. It is definitely a beauty!

  • Available in self-clean and non-self-clean models
  • Six colours available in the Professional series
  • Three colours available in the Master series
  • Two heavy gauge, chrome wire shelves
  • Soft-close oven door (XT Model only)

The Classic Choice - Fulgor Milano 30-inch Induction Professional Range

This range is part of the Fulgor Milano SOFIA collection. The Sofia aesthetic is the marquee of the brand and feature professional ranges which are proudly—and passionately—crafted in Italy. This 30-inch Professional Induction is built for reliability, versatility, performance and style. Utilizing premium induction technology, you have the flexibility to cook on a very low simmer up to a bubbling boil on the induction cooktop. With its true European convection oven, you will enjoy the evenly distributed heat provided by duel fans.
It’s a distinctive range that will be a showpiece in your kitchen, especially with the ability to personalize the steel nameplate with your (or your restaurant’s) name! These ovens are masterpieces designed to breathe inspiration into the lives of those who cook with them.

  • Ceramic glass cooktop surface
  • Easy-to-read digital indicator for each cooktop zone
  • Self-cleaning
  • Extra wide oven viewing area
  • Dual convection fans
  • Available in six colours
  • Industry-leading warranty

Things to keep in mind…

Induction ranges are more expensive than standard electric or gas
You will require special cookware that works with induction technology
Many models make a humming or buzzing noise at higher settings
A dedicated 40 AMP electrical connection is required

Pros of purchasing a professional induction range

The fastest heating style of range, induction saves you time
Easier to clean the cooktop because it doesn’t retain heat
Safer due to the heat being concentrated in the induction zones only
A great solution if you have no access to gas
Induction is energy efficient

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