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When it comes to kitchen appliances, the range is the workhorse. Never is this truer than in a professional kitchen. These days, a restaurant’s kitchen is no longer a hidden place. More often than not, diners can see into the kitchen, it may even be the centrepiece of the space. So, a stylish range becomes essential too. Electric ranges have come a long way but they are still much slower and less responsive than gas. This means they may not cope as well with the demands of commercial cookery. Preferred by celebrity gourmet chefs, like Jonathan Collins, and home cooks alike, gas ranges provide an exceptional result. They are favoured for the reliability of the flame, which produces an even temperature and precision control. What are some critical considerations when shopping for a professional gas range? We will walk you through them to help you make the best choice for your needs and introduce some features of the Sofia All Gas 36-inch Range from Fulgor Milano as an option you might like to consider.

Capacity and Power

Spacious interior capacity is essential for professional cooking. It allows multiple dishes to cook at the same time. The Sofia 36-inch range (F6PGR366S1) from Fulgor Milano, houses three large racks for multi-level cooking, which includes one fully-retractable telescopic rack.
If you have done your homework, you will know that a telescopic rack allows you to slide the rack completely out of the oven to check on very hot or heavy dishes without requiring you to remove them from the oven completely. This is a handy safety feature (which makes life much easier).
Many cooks appreciate the convenience of gas which produces an instant flame (no need to wait for it to heat up like an electric range) and maintains an even temperature while cooking. You will also want to be able to control the full range of heat, from blazing to slightly browning. The Sofia has brass burners with two rings of flame, burning at 18,000 BTU which is great for high heat.

Chefs really look for the ability to control and work with a very low flame. Delicate sauces, simmering and low-heat cooking all need the precision offered by gas cooking. The Sofia can be turned down to use the inner-ring of flame only for a gentler flame.

Having the ability to check on your cooking, without opening the door is allowed by a cool-to-touch glass door with a wide window. The Sofia features an extra wide window on the oven door so that you can always see all three levels of cooking while the door remains closed.

Style and Care

Style matters. Whether at home or in the workspace, you want a premium look for your gas range. If the range is going to be a showpiece for your commercial kitchen, it is worth considering colour finish to fit with the overall décor.

Italian design has long led the way for good-looking kitchen appliances. That’s why, if you are in the market for a unique, chic gas range, it is hard to go past the aesthetics of the Sofia for its simplicity and elegance.
To minimize the learning curve when you buy a new range, think about how you want to control the range. Cooking enthusiasts and chefs agree that you can achieve a more precise “feel” for the flame (which means more control over the temperature) when cooking on a range controlled by knobs. However, digital touchscreens have their fans too. It usually depends on what you are used to and prefer. Classics endure for a reason and once you have your hands on the Sofia’s highly functional knobs, you may be persuaded of their superiority.

The downside of a gas range is the reputation they have for being more difficult to clean compared with induction ranges. It’s true that they usually require a bit of elbow grease to get them to sparkle.

Look for removable grates and smooth finishes that resist grease and grime. On the Fulgor Milano, the stovetop burners sit above one-piece matte-finished burner basin. This porcelain drip basin is very easy to wipe down after spill-overs during cooking. The three sturdy cast iron grates add to the professional look of the range and are removable for cleaning. After all, Fulgor is Latin for “shining”!

Extra Features

Be sure to do your research so you have a good idea of what additional features you actually need before you start adding anything to your shopping list. The price of your range can shoot up very quickly when you start including all of the whizz-bang extras. Depending on what you are looking for, there are a few interesting optional accessories that complement the Sofia. It can be fitted with stovetop griddle and a wok ring according to your needs.

One very special complimentary extra that Fulgor offer with their gas range (which you probably won’t find elsewhere) is the ability to personalize your range. You can visit the Fulgor Milano website, create a customized nameplate with your name on it. It is a pretty fancy option and definitely something a bit different. Distinctive Online is running a promotion for the Fulgor Milano nameplate right now. All you have to do is share a photo of your personalized range on social media using the brand’s hashtag and you can receive a free griddle or induction plate. So, why not?

Pros of a Gas Range

Start cooking immediately because you get instant heat
Seeing the flame makes it easier for you to judge the heat without guessing
Able to control very low heats for delicate dishes
Less power wasted and cheaper to operate

Things to keep in mind…

Extra care required with an open flame
Can be harder to clean – grease and food residue can get below the burner
Hotter to work with as gas emits more heat into the air than electric ranges

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