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Faber Range Hoods

High-end range hoods have been eye-catching features of kitchen designs for years, now. Ever since the Italian manufacturer Faber introduced them to North America, chimney range hoods have had a certain star appeal in many kitchen designs.

These days, many of us are looking for ways to get the most out of our homes and we’re certainly more aware of the importance of air quality than ever. In this light, a high-functioning range hood is more than just a nice-to-have option.

These appliances do important work in the kitchen, keeping the air we breathe free of unhealthy air particles and protecting kitchen cabinetry from damaging grease and smoke. But not every range hood out there on the market does this work to the same degree.

Faber has been making high-impact range hoods in Italy since 1955. Just about any combination of tech specifications and needs can be met by one of Faber’s 44 hood designs. Their models include Undercabinet, Wall Chimney, Island, Built-in, Integrated, and Iconic Designer hoods in a variety of widths and depths — which probably explains why one out of two range hoods in Italy is a Faber.

With all those options, pinpointing which kind of hood will be just right for a specific kitchen layout takes some thought. Some basic factors (for example, the dimensions of your stove, the size of your kitchen, and whether there’s the option of venting outside) narrow things down a bit.

Once those matters sorted out, there are some very interesting design options to choose from.

Which Faber model will be best for your kitchen?


These hoods have a lot of visual impact. They can be larger than under cabinet hoods — and that larger area does mean that they can clear the air in your kitchen more quickly.

That said, Faber also makes affordable 24” chimney hoods that work well in smaller kitchens and are easy to install with clips.

Things to keep in mind with this type of hood:

  • Find out how wide your chimney cover is. You need that measurement to ensure that you get a model that lines up with your chimney duct.
  • You also need to take your height into consideration. You want to be able to easily reach the hood controls — and you don’t want to bang your head while you cook! Most chimney hoods specify minimum and maximum height requirements for these reasons.
  • Find out if the layout of your kitchen will allow for ducting. If not, choose a model that can recirculate air.
The new Camino Pro is the most advanced and easy to install professional wall chimney hood on the market.

It’s 24 inches deep and can be converted into a ductless hood. Elegantly seamless edges give it a high-end, contemporary look, and it comes with advanced features like an auto on heat sensor, multiple chimney options, a 4-speed electronic “rainbow” rotary control and dimmer controlled LED lights.

The Camino Pro’s restaurant grade baffle filters are made of resistant metal that stands up to even the greasiest wear and tear. They are also super easy to clean – just slide them out and pop them into your dishwasher. This is a sturdy professional grade hood with heavy-duty metal impellers and housing on its 600 or 1200 cfm Pro Motor. It also features a 10-minute delay auto shut off and a 10-minute intense speed setting.


Undercabinet hoods are comparatively easy to install. And they’re efficient: Since they’re set close to the stove top, they can capture almost 99% of air particles, steam and odors. They also provide practical working light.

Things to keep in mind

  • Ducted undercabinet hoods require ducts or ventilation systems that exhaust outside.
  • Ductless undercabinet hoods need to be cleaned on a regular basis and their filters need to be replaced.
  • The size of hood you need depends on the width and depth of your range.
  • If you have a gas range, its BTU is a factor, too. Every 10 BTU requires 1 CFM (cubic foot per minute).
Faber’s Levante undercabinet hoods come in three models:

The Levante 1 has a 300 CFM motor and features LED lighting, welded construction and dishwasher safe mesh filters.

The Levante 2 can duct outside or recirculate through grids at the top of the hood. It has a 400 CFM motor and a 4-speed electronic control, two-level halogen lighting, top or direct rear venting and ductless out-front vents. It is ADA compliant and offers an optional wireless remote control.

The Levante 2 Plus is a traditional 400 CFM under cabinet range hood. Its features include LED lighting, 4 speed electronic control, vari-duct venting: top or direct rear. This is a ducted model that cannot be converted into recirculating hood.


This kind of hood can remove steam, odors and smoke particles throughout a large area in the middle of your kitchen. If you like to cook with friends and family or if your kitchen is connected to a living space that gets a lot of use, this could be an ideal option.

Things to keep in mind

  • An island hood must be at least 3” wider than each side of the cooking surface.
  • For example, if you have a 30” cooktop, your island hood must be 36” wide.
Faber’s High-Light hood is a beautiful new ceiling mounted hood with advanced features. It comes with a white matte or stainless-steel panel that fits into the ceiling and it extracts impurities with its perimeter aspiration.

A LED light bar illuminates your task space while improving energy efficiency, and its 24-hour anti-pollution mode keeps your air clean even when you’re not cooking.


These designs can either blend seamlessly with a kitchen layout or, when installed in a decorative wood cabinet, enhance your kitchen space with a beautiful design element. Since these hoods are surrounded by a wood housing, they tend to be quieter than other models – a particular advantage if your family hangs out in your kitchen to do homework or take Zoom calls!

Things to keep in mind

  • Depending on the design of your cabinetry, you may need to purchase a stainless-steel liner.
  • This liner creates a perfectly sealed, non-combustible protective perimeter between the hood and the wood underneath it.
Faber’s Inca In-Light features a flush mounted stainless panel that hides its grease filters and reduces noise. With an advanced perimetric filter system, electronic controls and an included remote control, the Inca In-Light packs a lot of features in a small body that fits into 12″ deep cabinets.

It comes with 295, 395, or 600 CFM motors; an electronic control with Variable Air Management technology; an ADA compliant wireless remote control; an LED light bar; and a 15-minute delay auto shut off. It can be converted into a ductless hood.


Now you see it, now you don’t! Faber’s down draft hoods slide down into the countertop when they’re not in use. These hoods save space and leave your sight line unblocked, making for a more airy, open look and feel.

Things to keep in mind

  • This type of hood can fit behind a range top, cooktop or cooktop/oven combo.
  • These hoods can’t capture all the smoke produced by cooktops with BBQs or griddles, so they’re not recommended for those types of ranges.
  • You will want to ensure that the motor can duct where you need it to.
  • Some Faber Downdraft hoods, like the Sirocco, come with a reversible motor box.
The Scirocco Plus down draft hood slides up and down out of your countertop with a simple push of its speed dial. It’s 14’’ tall and comes in 30’’or 36’’widths and is made of pure stainless steel. has mesh grease filters right behind its front panels – which makes them easy to remove when it’s time to clean them.

Other features include an auto shut off, multiple safety features and a remote control.
Looking for more inspiring food for thought? Find out more about Faber range hoods here

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