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Meet a family that really knows how to cook, design, engineer and innovate.

After all, they’ve been in the kitchen for over 135 years. Bertazzoni.
Maybe you’ve seen a stunning Bertazzoni red dual-fuel range in a glossy kitchen decor magazine. Or a stylish Bertazzoni built-in refrigerator column at a friend’s house. Better still, perhaps you’re fortunate enough to already own a high-end Bertazzoni appliance yourself. Whatever your Bertazzoni experience, read on to discover how this luxury Italian brand will elevate your kitchen lifestyle with every push, pull, turn and twist – and take your cooking to the next level in the process.

Before he had a passion for ovens, Francesco Bertazzoni had a passion for trains.

Back in the 19th century while observing trains arriving in Guastalla, Italy, Francesco Bertazzoni’s keen eye noticed something novel: a special wood-burning stove was being used not only to heat the carriages, but as a means of cooking for the train crew as well. This wonderful innovation immediately appealed to his entrepreneurial instincts and passion for design. You could say, this was the moment the Bertazzoni brand left the station. And it’s been bringing us beautiful kitchen appliances ever since.

It’s time to get a little emotional. Okay, maybe a lot emotional.

Over the next six decades, other members of the Bertazzoni family would follow Francesco, each faithfully upholding his desire to offer appliances that help people bring the best home-cooked food to the family table. At the helm of the company today, are Paolo, Nicola and Valentina Bertazzoni.

They’ll also tell you that one of their core values is emotion. They want their products to affect people on an emotional level and to bring joy to their lives. Ask any proud owner of a Bertazzoni range, oven or refrigerator, and you’ll get a resounding YES.

Italian works of art, in every corner of the kitchen. Bellissimo!

Perhaps more than in any other culture, Italians seem to possess a natural fusion for striking design and precision craftsmanship. With every Bertazzoni appliance, form meets function and technology meets style. The resulting sculptures are truly works of art. The company takes its inspiration from the very region in which it’s located, Emilia-Romagna in the north of Italy. Referred to as the bread basket of the country, it is steeped in the ingredients and recipes that have made Italian cooking famous worldwide.

Colours and finishes inspired by Italian sports cars, artisans and wood-burning stoves.

Bertazzoni melds industrial production methods and engineering skills, with Italian design flair. Take their gorgeous finishes. When Bertazonni designers decided to bring vibrant colour to their Professional Series, they partnered with Northern Italy’s sports car makers who have perfected techniques to apply colours to metal. The result: hand-painted appliances with high-gloss colours that are both temperature and acid resistant. And did we mention gorgeous?

For its Master and Heritage Series, Bertazzoni’s texture paint offers a classic and elegant finish. A powder coating process provides rich, deep matt finishes, which are also stain and scratch resistant. Also available on the newest models of the Heritage Series, is a beautiful enamel finish.

Inspired by the original wood-burning stoves of Antonio and Napoleone Bertazzoni in the 1930s, it makes for surfaces that are both hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Not your run-of-the-mill stainless steel. Bertazzoni polished-brushed-treated stainless steel.

Bertazzoni uses the highest grade stainless steel in all its appliances. Sheets of highly polished steel are lightly brushed to add texture to their surface, then compacted to create a visually interesting surface that is smooth to the touch. Knowing customers wouldn’t be able to resist the wonderful feel of their appliances, Bertazzoni applied an invisible anti-fingerprint coating to protect the steel and allow for quick wipe downs.

Fit and finish are equally satisfying, as sheets are either laser cut or moulded to make seamless one-piece worktops or panels.

A product series and a series of products, to suit any taste in any kitchen.

Bertazzoni offers three distinct lines: The Professional Series, Master Series and Heritage Series. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Within each series, you’ll find a series (deliberate pun) of ranges, cooktops, ovens, hoods, refrigerators, freezers and more. Suffice to say, they’re all absolutely beautiful and technically flawless. With one look, twist of a control knob or tug of an ergonomic handle, you’ll immediately know which Bertazzoni series is for you.

Professional Series

If you’re looking for capacity, flexibility and usability – in other words, professional performance right in your home kitchen – then look no further than Bertazzoni’s Professional Series. Details abound: iconic designer control knobs that are intuitive and comfortable to use; coordinated ergonomic handles that work flawlessly day in, day out; sophisticated high-gloss colours, brushed textures and polished finishes the eye never tires of. One could go on, of course, but there are two other wonderful series to get to!

Master Series

Blending the best of commercial kitchen-inspired style and technology with fine Italian design, is the Bertazzoni Master Series. With an appearance that would win any beauty contest hands down, the suite of appliances in this series have a style all their own. Traditional, large round metal knobs, bold looking handles that sit perfectly in the hand and an avant-garde colour palette all combine to transform ordinary kitchens into art galleries.

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series harkens back to the authentic wood burning stoves of the last century with their iconic lines, striking rounded chrome knobs, bright replica handrails and traditional colours and finishes. And while this series may be strikingly classic on the outside, it’s endowed with 21st century engineering and technology on the inside. Also, all ranges feature a “Bertazzoni Serie Limitata” serial number plate, making each piece unique, and can be personalized with the Collezione Metalli decor sets in Gold, Copper and Nickel.

And it all builds-up to the beautiful new Bertazzoni built-ins.

For those of you who have yearned for a kitchen fully-equiped with Bertazzoni built-in appliances, your prayers have been answered. And they were well worth waiting for.

Let’s begin with the built-in ovens. There are plenty of them, including wall ovens, rangetops, cooktops, microwaves, steam ovens and more. All of which integrate seamlessly into walls and counters, pair perfectly with other members of their series, and fit elegantly into any kitchen.

Bertazzoni’s built-in food and beverage preservation columns are an exciting first for the company and are impressive in both their capacity and appearance. The built-in fridge, freezer and wine cellar columns can be installed individually or as multiple units. The wine columns are especially interesting, with their dual-temperature zones, humidity control and vibration dampening system. And of course, all the new Bertazzoni refrigeration columns speak the same design language throughout the kitchen.

From the Bertazzoni family to your family.

Who could sum up the Bertazzoni story more eloquently than its fifth-generation family member and CEO – Paolo Bertazzoni.

“We’re evolving the paradigm of beautiful kitchen design with an authentic Italian flair. Homeowners can choose a myriad of looks for their kitchen anchored by a distinguished Bertazzoni aesthetic that’s omnipresent across all products. Our wish is to elevate the kitchen experience and bring the joy of cooking from the Bertazzoni family to families around the world.”

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